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People about Material Cultures.

Is an annual magazine that addresses different perspectives on materiality and material culture from a critical and speculative focus. It englobes the different forms of understanding and exercising the material in a design context, the diverse projectual paths where materials play a key role and the importance of materials in activating and dynamising cultures and socioeconomic systems.

The content conveys past, present and futures, theory and practice, reality and speculation, critical thinking and exaltation. An eclectic mix of articles, photographic essays, interviews and case studies conform each issue.

With annual presentations and participative performances by emerging and consolidated designers, it encompasses the social impact of materials and volunteers for interacting with citizens in order to capture local ethnographical perspectives on materials and material value.

Editors-in-chief: Saúl Baeza and Laura Clèries


Elisava Research
La Rambla 30–32
08002 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 410 42 49